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Our Native English Teacher

Mr Abbott

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Mr Abbott and I am the new Native English Teacher at Ping Shek Eestate Catholic Primary School this year. I'm going to be teaching in P3 and P5 English lessons and I am really looking forward to talking to all of you! I will be organising an English Ambassador Team to help everyone in the school speak as much English as possible. Also, there will be some extra curricular activities for P4 students, we will play English games and even watch English Movies.

I have lived in Hong Kong for over one year and I really enjoying being here. Last year I taught at a primary school in North Point. My home town in England is a place called Leicester . Leicester is in an area of England called the East Midlands it is a medium sized city but not as big as Hong Kong . Before coming to Hong Kong I studied Maths and Economics at the University of Nottingham . I enjoy many activities such as playing badminton, playing squash, going swimming and going hiking. I also like watching movies and reading books.

Since I moved to Hong Kong I have really enjoyed the food. I particularly like ‘Dim Sum'! I also like to try food from all over the world my favourites include Thai food, Vietnamese, Indian, Taiwanese and Sichuan style Chinese food!

I'm sure you all have lots of questions to ask, so don't be afraid, just come and talk to me! But remember I don't speak Cantonese, so you have to speak to me in English!